Wish You Had an Easier Way to Set Goals?


You may already be setting goals. And you most likely know the importance of goal setting. But keeping track of your goals with pen and paper or a word processor can be tedious. Goal setting should be easier. And quicker.

That's where Goal Planner Plus comes in. It'll help you set your goals more easily. And not just any goals, but well-formed goals ... and subgoals too.

It's also easy to use. You won't find Goal Planner Plus loaded with a lot of useless features. Instead, it focuses on features that you'll actually use. That avoids adding unnecessary complications to the software. Your learning curve is shorter. And you'll be setting goals with ease sooner.

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According to a study by Harvard Business School, 10 years after graduation, only 3% of students achieved financial independence. They found that those 3% of students wrote out their goals along with steps to achieve them.

You can set goals like they did with Goal Planner Plus by breaking a goal down into subgoals. Or you can download printable calendars and planners. Goal Planner Plus also provides a S.M.A.R.T. checklist to help you form well-formed goals.

Here's more of what it can do:

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